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20 November 2007

L'Heptameron des Gourmets

L'Heptameron Des Gourmets
ou Les Délices De La Cuisine Française

I am not talking about E. Nignon’s book or an fiction place in the Kigdom of Cocagne, but about the restaurant owned by Bernard Noby and Ann-Marie Candel in Bagnères-de-Luchon (France).

And I’ve said “restaurant”, but I am sure who visits them will feel like having a nice evening at some friends’ and not simply going out for dinner.

Warm and friendly welcome announcing that we are going to taste the philosophy of cooking is sharing.

The spacious living-room with fireplace is perfect for an appetizer and keeps a good collection of antique cookbooks, between them, of course, the one that gives the name to the restaurant.

The pleasant dining-room facing the herbs and climbing shrubs garden like a glass greenhouse, has a relaxing, serene and exquisite ambiance, with some beautiful tableware pieces.

Noby opens his home and his kitchen proposing a tasting menu he elaborates with seasonal products: Market cooking with quality ingredients. Good materials and good manners with an impeccable, delicious result, specially in “Capuccino of Mousseron Mushrooms” or in “Pork Gascon assortment”.
Also very interesting the special regional wines selection.

L’Heptaméron des Gourmets

Bernard Noby et Ann-Marie Candel
3 Bd Charles de Gaulle
31110 Bagnères-de-Luchon
Tél : 05 61 79 78 55

Sur réservation, tous les soirs du mardi
au samedi et le dimanche midi et soir
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