Wine and liquors tastings

Courses and guided tastings with our enologists and sommeliers.

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Whisky tasting

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Rhum tasting

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What should a beginner know about wine?

Let's start to learn about the basic wine concepts.
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Wines with high score

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Wines from Jerez

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Sweet wines tasting session

Sweet wines, natural, bortrytis, ice wines, fortified...
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Special Tasting of Cava & Champagnes

¿Cava or Champagne?
Monographic session for sparkling wines with comparative tasting included

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Special Tasting of Champagnes Rosé

The extravagancy and the subtlety play a balance in the champagnes rosé, so trendy nowadays.
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Naked wines

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Catalan Wines Tasting

In this tasting session we offer the opportunity to learn about the history, geographical and climatic characteristics, different soils and varieties, in a tour guided by our expert sommelier.
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Wine tasting: the new Rioja

La Rioja today attracts new consumers thanks to the new modern wines that are being elaborated, in its way to adaptation to the new trends, but without losing its identity.
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Wines from the Balearic and Canary Islands

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Wines from Galicia

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New Rosé wines

Rosé wines are expressive wines that claim a position in the lists of prestige and in our tables.
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Great Cavas and great Champagnes

One glamourous tasting sessión in front of some of the best and most prestigious Cavas and Champagnes.
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Great Spanish wines guided tasting

Special tasting session full of aromas with some of the best and more prestigious Spanish wines, so excepcionally improved during the last years.
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Great Spanish Red Wines tasting

An extraordinary tasting session of some of the best and more prestigious Spanish red wines.
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Glass tasting

The form and design of the glass, its curvature at the mouth (they will do that the wine spills in one or another area of our tongue), the color and the composition of the crystal, its thickness … are parameters that influence the perception of flavors and aromas.

The experience consists in tasting different wines and get into the sensory experience of using different glasses with each wine.

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The wines from Portugal

One session to discover and enjoy the wines from Portugal.
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One river: two countries

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Mosel Wines


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