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Consulting services

Production services

Food consulting and documentation services, logistics... for TV series and programs, radio and cinema.

Catalogue of services

Global solutions for design, support, production services and coordination for producers and broadcasters: TV , radio, reports and movies, video, internet, commercials...  with food or culinary content.

- Documentation
- Content developing
- Design of food routes
- Shooting locations research and management
- Logístics and full production support for foreign companies
- Team and materials coordination services
- Filming permissions
- Help to find the right sponsor or partnership
- Comunication and press management

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Chef Wan(left) and Rafael Zafra (right) cooking at Hacienda Benazuza-El Bulli Hotel.
Shooting the TV series with Chef Wan in Andalucía, (July 2010) coordinated by Gastronomía activa.
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