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14 October 2009

The book Celebrity Chefs launched at Frankfurt Book Fair2009

Food entertainment through ages.
From the first great chefs to television

The first book on the rise of the chefs, from kitchen artists to 21st century digital entertainers, on food television.

- A special limited edition in English has been printed for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009.
It is restricted to serious professionals and Media and it was distributed only at Gourmand Stand 5.0 B579, in he new “Gourmand Gallery”.

- The authors and publisher were present during the five days of the fair and avaliable for signatures, meetings and interviews:

He is the French leading expert in rare culinary books.
Mr. Millescamps has been the driving force os the Salon International du Livre Gourmand in Périgeux, Dordogne, since 1990.
This is his first book.

Laura Gosalbo earned a master’s degree in food chemistry from the Chemical Institute of Sarrià in Barcelona in 1989, followed by a doctorate in Chemical Sciences and Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona in 1995. Her first book “Crazy about Cherries” has been published in German, English, Spanish And Catalan and it has been awarded as Best Single Subject Cookbook 2005 by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and Silver Medal from German Gastronomy Academy 2006.
This is her second book.

The book features the 50 leading Celebrity Chefs from 25 different countries and tells their story from the start of food televison at BBC in 1936, to the world leadership in cookbook sells in the 21st century. Together they have sold over 100 million cookbooks.

How celebrity chefs did it? What it means today for our lifestyle and families? And, which are the trends for the future?

Pages: 456
Size: 25 x 25 cm
ISBN : 978-84-612-6408-7

Laura Gosalbo & Henri-Pierre Millescamps

Edouard Cointreau, President of the Gourmand Word Cookbook Awards.

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